Action for Brain Injury Week 2019


Action For Brain Injury Week, also known as ABI Week, is a week-long awareness raising event that is taking place between the 20th and 26th May 2019. The week is to raise awareness of brain injury within the community in a variety of different ways. The theme for this year is fatigue. There are a series of events taking place throughout the week that you can get involved with.

Tuesday 21st May

We will be joined by London artist, Rebecca Ivatts (, who will be exhibiting her artworks that focus on different conditions affecting the brain, in our centre in Kennington.

Event: Stroke and the Brain Artwork Exhibition with Rebecca Ivatts

When: Tuesday 21st May, 3.30 – 6pm

Where: Headway Oxfordshire, 4 Bagley Wood Road, Kennington, OX1 5PL.

Tickets are FREE and are available here

The exhibition will also be at the centre, Monday 2 – 4.30pm and Wednesday 3- 6.30pm. Please book a free ticket in advance.

Refreshments provided.

Friday 24th May

Another event that you can get involved in with during Action for Brain Injury Week is one of our favourite fun days of the year; Hats for Headway Day. Find out more here: Hats for Headway Day.

If you would like to get involved in Action for Brain Injury week, or have an idea for an event or project that you would like to run during the week, or if you would like to fundraise in aid of Headway Oxfordshire outside of Action for Brain Injury Week, then please contact or call 01865 670541.