Headway Oxfordshire’s Opening of Neurological Physiotherapy Gym

Gym to offer patients a headstart in treatment


Oxfordshire’s first ever state of the art, voluntary sector, neurological physiotherapy gym has just been unveiled at Headway Oxfordshire’s centre in Kennington, Oxford.

Headway Oxfordshire is an independent, local charity supporting those affected by brain injury across the county. This highly specialised service provides a range of support, including an Activity and Rehabilitation Centre with neurological physiotherapy gym, advice through our community support workers, and carer support.

These services are ever more in demand – there are around 4000 head injury admissions to Oxfordshire hospitals each year alone.

Headway’s brand new gym facility has just become available for our Service Users with acquired brain injuries (ABIs) to use as a vital treatment for long-term physical rehabilitation. The gym is found within our rehabilitation centre, where Service Users can visit daily if they so wish. The benefits of such a facility has multitudinous benefits and they are not all physical – these machines can help facilitate neuroplasticity to a certain degree, with active patient participation, sensory input and the normality of experience in movement.

Baroness Susan Greenfield, a President of Headway, officially opened the facility. Baroness Greenfield when asked to open the facility:

“I was honoured to be invited to do this, the work that Headway Oxfordshire does within the community to support the rehabilitation and social integration of those who have been affected by brain injury is vital importance. It is in the practical application of creative approaches to rehabilitation that we as scientists and researchers, get to see the outcomes of our work become a reality.”

We are very excited to announce our plans to open this facility to the public over the next couple of months via a gym membership scheme. This is so it can be available to all individuals with physiotherapy needs. We feel it would be a shame to cut off this facility to those who would benefit from this treatment and would like it to be accessible to all that wish to come.

To donate to our 2017 Appeal to fund for this facility, please visit