Headway Oxfordshire’s mission to help and raise awareness of brain injury is a made possible by our team of full-time staff and dedicated volunteers.

Headway Oxfordshire is a place where your skills can make a difference; we have a place for anyone who wants to help!

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Headway brain injury support charity


Our volunteers are – in two words – absolutely fantastic! Their generosity with their time and devotion to the cause keeps Headway Oxfordshire running, growing and able to help more and more people.

Headway brain injury support charity

“I look forward to my Friday sessions at Headway Oxfordshire. We always have a laugh and some great conversations.”

— David, HWO Volunteer

The Activity and Rehabilitation Centre relies heavily on community volunteers. Volunteers assist our service users with mobility issues; help during activities; prompting at appropriate times; help with lunch and refreshments – and are very much appreciated!

Direct Support Volunteer

Volunteers make a real difference to the activities that can be offered to our members. Some of the activities you could be involved in at Headway Oxfordshire are art and craft, music, IT and computing, cookery, swimming – or suggest a hobby of your own!

Every Volunteer is given the opportunity to take part in relevant training courses and events, which can enhance their employment opportunities in the field of Health and Social Care, if they so wish.

Headway brain injury support charity
Headway brain injury support charity

Fundraising Volunteers

Headway Oxfordshire welcomes anyone willing to fundraise on their behalf.

You may wish to help out at fundraising events being arranged by Headway Oxfordshire – OR – you may prefer to arrange your own event; we would be delighted to provide sponsorship forms, promotional T-shirts and promote the event via our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

The choice is yours!

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