Headway Oxfordshire was born of the efforts of a small group of individuals who came together to share their experiences of caring for loved ones with brain injury and providing mutual peer support. This group grew into what is now Headway Oxfordshire and supports many hundreds of those affected by brain injury across Oxfordshire every year.

Our Mission

Headway Oxfordshire aims to:

Headway brain injury support charity

Provide support services to those affected by brain injury (including stroke and some other neurological conditions) across the county of Oxfordshire.

Headway brain injury support charity

Advocate on behalf of those affected by brain injury in relation to local and national strategic initiatives.

Headway brain injury support charity

Provide information on brain injury to those interested parties and promote awareness to the general community at large.

Headway brain injury support charity

Raise funds in support of those affected by brain injury in Oxfordshire.



Our Origin

Headway Oxford is started by a small group of 10 people who would meet once a month to give talks, share experiences and support each other. Before this, no support is available in Oxford for those with brain injury or their carers.


Growing Up

Our group evolves into an official Headway group. It is based within the Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre. Patients are referred to us before their discharge by the resident social workers or occupational therapist.

Headway brain injury support charity


Moving House

We moved to a new premises at 4 Bagley Wood Lane, Kennington, where we currently reside.


Reaching Out

We changed our name from Headway Oxford to Headway Oxfordshire, to reflect the geographical extent of our service provision. We now support over 400 individuals affected by brain injury every year, and provide services five days a week.

Our Organisation

Headway Oxfordshire is an entirely independent organisation in its own right but does affiliate to the national body Headway (the brain injury association).

As with many charities, Headway Oxfordshire owes both its origins and much of its ongoing success to its volunteers. Volunteers and service users are at the heart of our organisation, from those that volunteer on the Board of Trustees to those that assist our professional team to provide vital services across the county.

Headway brain injury support charity

The structure of the organisation has developed over time to adapt to the increasing demands to provide the very highest quality services to an increasing demographic in the most efficient and effective way possible. The present structure ensures accountability throughout the organisation and appropriate support and line management of employees at each level of the service and within each project work stream.