Services for Patients

We offer a range of services to support you and help speed up your recovery; from physical and mental therapy, to vocational support and training. These activities are all designed to complement a formal rehabilitation program.

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Services for Carers

Becoming a carer for someone with brain injury can be a tremendous responsibility. We offer a range of services to help and support carers, along with providing advice and education on how best to help their loved ones recovery.

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Headway Oxfordshire works with service users and carers to identify goals that will enable you to progress on your individual rehabilitation journey. We then provide the support necessary to ensure that your goals can be achieved. These goals will both complement formal rehabilitation provided by health professionals, and assist you to build independence within the community. Services can be delivered in a variety of settings appropriate to you: within our centre, as outreach or even within your own home.

Centre Services

Our activity and rehabilitation centre is situated in Kennington, near Oxford. We provide a range of activities and services that complement formal rehabilitation. We assist those living across Oxfordshire to access our centre with a subsidised transport service.

We encourage socialisation and peer support with the aim of reducing anxiety and increasing confidence. You can share your experiences in an environment of understanding, with an empahsis on fun and moving at your own pace.

Structured and individually tailored programs enable you to access any of our services and therapies, which may include:

Speech & Language Therapy
Physio, Yoga & Tai Chi Therapy
Computer Access & Training
Arts & Music Therapy
Socials & Meetups
Games & quizzes

Community Support

Our community workers support individuals with acquired brain injury (including stroke and some other neurological conditions) across the county of Oxfordshire, from early diagnosis and throughout the various stages of rehabilitation.

We visit hospital wards and other likely locations to seek out those who may have suffered an acquired brain injury. We help ensure that patients get the required treatment and care that they need, along with offering emotional support to help patients adapt to their situation.

Our community workers can meet with you and/or your carer wherever is convenient for you: in a hospital setting, in a public place (such as cafés) or within your home. They listen to what support you looking for and react to those needs.

“Nobody in the hospital told us about Headway until we met a Headway staff member.. when he came into the ward. He was brilliant and gave us loads of information in a way we could understand.”

— Jo, Carer

Transport is one of the biggest challenges for our service users. It is difficult to find, expensive to use and — as of April 2011 — very unlikely to be funded as part of a care package. Headway Oxfordshire recognises this problem and have now invested in a Welfare Ambulance.

Our ambulance is able to accommodate up to four wheelchairs at any one time, or up to nine passengers, or a combination of both. If you would like more information on our transport service, please get in touch.

Personal Assistants

Direct Payment or privately funded service users may choose a Personal Assistant as a solution to their social needs, empowering them to ‘take control’ and get much more out of life.

Headway Oxfordshire employs several Personal Assistants who are able to help people overcome difficulties in day-to-day life and to lead more active and fulfilling lives. All of our staff are fully trained in supporting people with acquired brain injuries, so have specialist knowledge and skills that help them to empower clients.

They can support with activities like shopping, theatre trips, playing golf, and keeping appointments, as well as regular activities designed to engage and challenge the individual and help to increase skills and confidence.

Vocational Support

Getting back on track and returning to ‘normality’ is paramount to those affected by acquired brain injury. Returning to a previous job is a very clear objective for many, whilst for others it may be that they wish to engage in a new opportunity. We understand these desires and offer support to try to make this a reality.

Headway Oxfordshire’s vocational worker offers the necessary support to enable you to get as close to your goal as possible. At any point when you feel ready to return to the workplace — whether paid work or voluntary — or to engage in education or training opportunities, our vocational worker can support you every step of the way.


Headway Oxfordshire offers support and information to carers and families of those with an acquired brain injury, from early diagnosis and throughout the various stages of rehabilitation. In addition to the variety of practical services on offer we also help to facilitate peer support groups and breaks for carers from the everyday responsibility of their caring role.

Time for yourself

As a carer of someone with an acquired brain injury, you need time for yourself to do those things that you are unable to achieve whilst engaged in your caring role. We at Headway Oxfordshire understand this and, to help make this possible, offer a respite service.

We provide a safe environment, with experienced staff, where your dependants individual needs can be met. Our activity and rehabilitation centre is located in Kennington, near Oxford. Through our centre, your dependant will have access to a range of activities and services to meet their needs. We encourage socialisation and peer support with the aim of reducing anxiety and increasing confidence.

Headwayservices brain injury support charity

Organise your Life

Headwayservices brain injury support charity

Caring for a loved one with a brain injury involves more than just supporting them. Your whole life is turned upside down, and the new responsibilities & paperwork, health care and others & can be daunting. Headway Oxfordshire make sure you aren’t left to cope alone.

We offer advice and support on navigating the various means of support available to you as a carer of someone with brain injury. This includes referrals to other organisations that may be of help, advice on the benefits system and how to get by, and assistance dealing with the NHS to ensure your dependant gets the best treatment possible.

Join Our Community

Over our twenty-five years existence, we have developed a close and wide-spread group of patients, ex-patients, carers and supporters. As is often the case, sharing the same experiences and hardships has brought us close together, so we may all benefit from each others support.

Of course, this is not mandatory, as dealing with brain injury is, to some, an intensely private and personal matter, and Headway Oxfordshire is respectful of such wishes. But for those who wish, Headway Oxfordshire can provide an empathetic and supportive community, and a fantastic environment to help your dependant rebuild their life.

Headwayservices brain injury support charity

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